Carton Series

The Roach

Once upon a time, in a cozy corner of a big kitchen, there lived a little roach named Rusty. Rusty was a small brown bug with shiny antennae and tiny legs that scurried really fast.

Every night, Rusty would come out of his hiding spot and explore the kitchen. He loved to munch on tasty crumbs he found on the floor and hide in dark corners when the big humans came around.

One day, while Rusty was busy searching for crumbs under the table, he heard a soft voice. It was Rosie, another roach who lived nearby. She was a pretty roach with delicate wings and bright eyes.

Alright, imagine you're about to start a big adventure, like stepping into a magical world filled with books, new friends, and exciting discoveries. That's what happened to Alex on their first day at university.

Rosie asked Rusty if he wanted to go on an adventure with her. Rusty’s heart fluttered with excitement, and he agreed right away. Together, they crawled through the kitchen, dodging big shoes and scary brooms, and discovered all sorts of new places.

Alex had butterflies fluttering in their stomach as they walked through the gates of the university, feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. They looked around and saw so many new faces—some smiling, some looking just as unsure as Alex felt.

They found a cozy spot behind the stove where they could watch the humans cook yummy food, and they danced under the moonlight that peeked through the window. Rusty and Rosie became the best of friends, exploring every nook and cranny of the kitchen together.

Their heart raced as they found their way to the big lecture hall for their first class. The room was huge, with rows of desks and a towering screen at the front. Alex found a seat, feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all.

As the days passed, Rusty realized that his feelings for Rosie were more than just friendship. He felt a warm flutter in his tiny roach heart whenever he was near her. And one day, he gathered all his courage and told Rosie how he felt.

To Rusty’s delight, Rosie felt the same way! They giggled and danced, feeling happier than ever before. From that day on, Rusty and Rosie were inseparable. They scurried through the kitchen hand in hand (or rather, antenna in antenna), spreading joy wherever they went.

And so, in the big kitchen filled with the smell of delicious food and the laughter of the humans, Rusty and Rosie’s friendship blossomed into a beautiful roach romance. And they lived happily ever after, exploring the kitchen and making memories together, forever and ever. The end! 🐜💕

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