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Black Cat – by-Jenny Jinya


“Black Cat” is a touching and emotional webcomic by Jenny Jinya, a German artist known for creating heartwarming and thought-provoking illustrations. In “Black Cat,” Jenny Jinya portrays a black cat that symbolizes bad luck and superstitions often associated with black cats.

The comic typically depicts a person who adopts a black cat and cares for it despite the superstitions surrounding these animals. Over time, a strong bond forms between the person and the cat. However, eventually, the cat’s life comes to an end, and it is depicted as a spirit or ghost of a cat.

The comic aims to challenge the negative stereotypes and superstitions surrounding black cats and to encourage people to adopt and care for them like any other cats. Jenny Jinya’s work often conveys deep emotions and messages about compassion, empathy, and the treatment of animals, and “Black Cat” is no exception.

Jenny Jinya’s webcomics have gained significant popularity on social media platforms for their poignant storytelling and emotional impact. “Black Cat” is just one of many comics by Jenny Jinya that tackle important social and ethical issues. Her work often serves as a reminder to treat animals with kindness and respect.

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