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This ‘normal’ airplane passenger is actually a world famous singer! Do you see who it is?

This singer has sold millions of albums
When us mere mortals book plane tickets, we don’t expect to be seated next to a world famous celebrity. Especially not when we’ve simply bought an economy class ticket. When you’re a big star with loads of money, you travel as comfortably and luxuriously as possible, right? That’s what we would do, at least. But not this woman! She’s just like the rest of us.

You almost wouldn’t recognise the singer.

Because she was wearing a simple pair of jeans, some Adidas sneakers and a dark blue jacket, she was hardly recognisable: world famous celebrity Madonna! Yes, indeed, none other than Madonna was flying economy class on this airplane. No business class for the Queen of Pop! The 59-year-old singer usually looks absolutely beautiful in elaborate outfits and glamorous items. Exactly for that reason you wouldn’t think she would travel on a regular flight, would you? We think it’s really great she does it anyway!

Madonna’s adopted son David Banda plays football for a big football club in Lisbon. Apparently, Madonna was on her way to visit her son when this picture was taken.

Source: DailyMail | Image: Facebook

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