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So is he a good person? 🫢 Produced by: NTada & Cryptic Story dot Com

Title: “Is He a Good Person?”

Panel 1:
[We see a bustling city street with people walking by. In the center of the panel is our main character, Mark, a man in his 30s with an uncertain expression.]

Narrator (Off-panel): Meet Mark. He’s a bit of an enigma.

Panel 2:
[Mark is shown holding the door open for an elderly woman carrying groceries.]

Narrator (Off-panel): He helps the elderly…

Panel 3:
[Mark is shown rescuing a cat stuck in a tree.]

Narrator (Off-panel): He saves cats…

Panel 4:
[Mark is volunteering at a soup kitchen, ladling soup into bowls for the homeless.]

Narrator (Off-panel): And he’s always willing to lend a hand.

Panel 5:
[Mark is at a crosswalk, but he doesn’t wait for the pedestrian signal and jaywalks.]

Narrator (Off-panel): But sometimes, he breaks the rules.

Panel 6:
[Mark is in a heated argument with a friend, pointing fingers and yelling.]

Narrator (Off-panel): He can lose his temper…

Panel 7:
[Mark is shown secretly returning a wallet he found on the street to its owner.]

Narrator (Off-panel): And he’s got a secret side too.

Panel 8:
[Mark is at home, watching the news on TV, which shows footage of him helping the elderly woman, rescuing the cat, and volunteering at the soup kitchen.]

Narrator (Off-panel): So, is he a good person?

Panel 9:
[Mark is standing outside in the rain, holding an umbrella over a stray dog.]

Narrator (Off-panel): Maybe it’s not about being good all the time…

Panel 10:
[Mark is back at the crosswalk, patiently waiting for the pedestrian signal this time.]

Narrator (Off-panel): Maybe it’s about learning and growing…

Panel 11:
[Mark is apologizing to his friend, and they’re shaking hands.]

Narrator (Off-panel): And maybe it’s about the choices you make to make things right.

Panel 12:
[Mark is seen doing more acts of kindness, and people are smiling at him.]

Narrator (Off-panel): So, is he a good person?

Panel 13:
[Close-up of Mark, looking thoughtful.]

Mark (thinking): I’m just trying to be better every day.

Panel 14:
[Mark is walking away from the reader, leaving his legacy of kindness behind.]

Narrator (Off-panel): And that might be the best answer of all.

[End of comic]

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