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You can tell if your seafood has gone bad in this way.

Find out if the seafood you bought is still safe to eat

Have you purchased some seafood but hadn’t had the chance to eat it yet? Or do you have leftover seafood in your fridge and want to know whether it is still safe to reheat it? With these tips, you’ll know if your seafood has gone bad or if you can still eat it.

Best before…
Fish is kind of tricky when it comes to it’s best before date. Fish can last between two days or a few months. We know, very confusing! But it all depends on the state of your fish. Whether it is cooked, frozen, fresh, etc. The first thing to check for in fresh fish, is smell. According to Lyf Gildersleeve, a fresh fish should smell ‘clean’ and ‘oceanic’. It’s eyes should be clear and the flesh should be bright and shiny.


Nevertheless, what if you’ve already prepared a tasty meal and are curious if you can eat it again? Generally speaking, seafood should be consumed within three days. You can try to smell the food again if you can’t remember how long it has been.

Your fish will again smell strong, the texture will be dry and there might even be mold on the fish. If you’re unsure, it would always be better to throw it out. Eating spoiled fish will be way worse than throwing it out when it was still perfectly safe to eat.

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