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Title: “Adventures in the Absurd Prison”

Once upon a time in a small town, two friends named Mark and Eric didn’t want to live an ordinary life. They believed that life was all about adventures, and every day should be a new adventure. One day, they decided to explore the local prison, called “Absurd Prison.”

Absurd Prison wasn’t a real prison but more of a place where people could be sent for pranks and humor. Mark and Eric wanted to see what kind of adventures they could find there.

So, they headed towards the prison. When they arrived, they climbed the wall, trying not to be seen by the real inmates who were inside. Fake handcuffs and black-and-white striped shirts were the first things that made them laugh.

Mark and Eric continued to explore the prison. They went into the cells with windows and became friends with the inmates who were pulled out from the walls wearing bizarre costumes. One of them had a chef’s hat and a microphone that lit real light bulbs. Another had an electric socket instead of handcuffs.

After much amusement, they found themselves in the giant cauldron area. The cauldrons weren’t there for cooking but for emitting colorful smoke. Mark and Eric started to play with the colors, creating absurd combinations that brought smiles to the inmates.

Moving further, they went to a zipline rescue styled for humor, taking them along the prison corridors. This zipline was designed for humor, and they found it more exciting than a real zipline in nature.

At the end of their adventure, Mark and Eric decided to leave the prison. They had an amazing time creating bizarre chaos and playing pranks on the inmates. When they left, they dispersed with laughter and left with a comical story to tell others.

The Absurd Prison will always remain a special place to preserve humor and absurd adventures. And Mark and Eric will remain heroes, spreading this comical story throughout their town.