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Ringing in the ears? Do this immediately.

About 15 to 20 percent of people experience tinnitus, sometimes known as ringing in the ears. It is typically a sign of some underlying issue, such as circulation problems, muscular weakness, ear injuries, or wax buildup.

This little tip might provide you with some relief if you have tinnitus.

According to Dr. Jan Strydom of A2Z of Health, Beauty, and

Put your hands over your ears so that the fingers are lightly resting on the back of your head. Just above the base of your head, your middle fingers should be pointing in the direction of one another. Put your middle and index fingers together, then snap your index fingers onto the skull while creating a loud drumming noise.

40–50 times total. With this approach, some patients get relief right away. To lessen tinnitus, repeat multiple times each day for whatever long is required.