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Tasty Oven Grilled Red Snapper Recipe – Absolute amazing, Super easy.

Tasty Oven Grilled Red Snapper Recipe


Oven Grilled Whole Red Snapper

This Oven Grilled Whole Red snapper is filled with a savory aroma, super quick, easy and a perfect blend of dry spices and herbs.

When I think of a grilled fish treat I need to give myself, family or friends, the first fish which comes to mind is Red Snapper. Very thick and fleshy, and when grilled, extra flaky to the core. Using this recipe, which has thousands of positive feedbacks on Youtube, it will become your everyday go to fish recipe. So print this out and stick to your kitchen door.

What is Red Snapper?

Red Snapper is the most popular of all the white fish which has a firm and tasty flavor. When it comes to cooking, it is versatile. Can be baked, grilled, broiled, charbroiled, steamed, deep fried, boiled, roasted and even air fried. The fillets are perfect for pan searing or pan grilling. If you go to Youtube, Cooking with Claudy is the highest with red snapper recipes. Check them out here.

How to Grill a Whole Red Snapper.

Red snapper is an excellent fish when it comes to grilling. Some people are so scared when it comes to cooking a whole fish. It is very easy, provided you follow the instructions perfectly on the recipe card.

Make sure you tell your fish monger to gut and scale the fish for you, or do it and wash perfectly.
Always advisable to grill the fish with skin on because it’s crispy making it super savory. It also holds the fish together and traps in all the flavors from the ingredients.
Make cuts or slits on the fish. To ensure marinate penetrates deep inside the skin.
Put fish in the middle rack of the oven or any grilling device. Shouldn’t be direct to the heat.
Baste the fish from time to time with oil to prevent it from drying out, because red snapper dosen’t really have fat to trap in enough juice.
Check fish every 5 minutes to avoid burning.
Also, you can charcoal grill and be very gentle when flipping like you will lose most parts of the fish to the fire. Use a grilling basket. You can get a grill basket From Here or your local stores.

How to know the Fish is well cooked.

Using a fork, lift up a tiny portion of the thickest part of the fish. It has to easily pull out or looks flaky.
When the juices runs clear and not bloody.
Using a kitchen thermometer, internal temperature has to be 140 -145 degree F.
Which Ingredients to use.

Salt and pepper
Cooking oil
Dried herbs
Cayenne pepper for a little heat.
Fresh Lemon


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